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sounded him in relation to Mr. Tulliver’s affairs. But

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"The foam upon the waters, not so light." COWPER.

sounded him in relation to Mr. Tulliver’s affairs. But

{ William Cowper (English poet, 1731-1800), "Truth" line 43}

sounded him in relation to Mr. Tulliver’s affairs. But

As usual at Saratoga, early the next morning groups of people were seen moving from the different hotels, towards the Congress Spring. It was a pleasant day, and great numbers appeared disposed to drink the water at the fountain-head, instead of having it brought to their rooms. The Hazlehursts were not the only party of our acquaintances who had arrived the night before. The Wyllyses found Miss Emma Taylor already on the ground, chattering in a high key with a tall, whiskered youth. The moment she saw Elinor, she sprang forward to meet her.

sounded him in relation to Mr. Tulliver’s affairs. But

{ "Congress Spring" = principal mineral water source at Saratoga Springs}

"How do you do, Miss Wyllys?--Are you not surprised to see me here?"

"One can hardly be surprised at meeting anybody in such a crowd," said Elinor. "When did you arrive?"

"Last night, at eleven o'clock. We made a forced march from Schenectady, where we were to have slept; but I persuaded Adeline and Mr. St. Leger to come on. You can't think how delighted I am to be here, at last," said the pretty little creature, actually skipping about with joy.

"Oh, she will he here in a moment. She has gone to Jane's room. I left her there just now."

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